May 14, 2012


Southwest flight to Portland 
everyone with their backpacks 
olive green, Nalgenes, 
long hair, instruments in hand. 
In this state, 
I will find you here. 

"Play a song for us."

I remember piano keys
emanating from the red walls 
as I lay my head down to sleep, 
sweet, musical themes of my childhood. 

"Play it for us again, would you?"

Tell us a joke
when we're angry
give us a laugh 
when we cry.

Chipper spirit, kin
tell me about your dreams
tell me about the worlds you see in your mind 
the ones you create.

I remember beach hotels 
Years ago
Warm porridge in the morning
Golden syrup friendship
We didn't need any others. 
I remember sandcastles 
Hours and hours on masterpieces
and then the minutes spent scrambling 
when waves force us to work 
faster than we'd ever thought we could...
"Anything is possible," you'd say.

I remember real castles, 
walking walking walking
old stone remnants of the life lived,
Maybe they were a warning. 
We'd climb over the rocks 
find the walking sticks
And hike the hills
we'd never seen in Illinois;
these were our adventure stories.

You were prince of Egypt
and lakes
we'd part 
the red sea with our staffs,
Disney movie euphoria,
and happiness--singing all the while.

"Sing for us, would you?"

You were the leader.
Fellowship of the ring,
in our backyard woods
smacking down the nettles 
with our sticks,
Pioneers in a marshland
soon to be conquered
by the children of its owners. 

Conquer the world, my friend, 
and rule it well.

I remember the time in the subway 
in the city of France that glows
You were the charmer in the movies
joking with the locals.
I remember the top of the mountain we climbed, 
looking into other countries,
where you taught me to see 
without border lines in the way,
blocking my vision. 

Teach me to smile like you have
so many times,
show me how to play like you do…
and please, 
"Sing for us whenever you'd like,"
and dream with me 
like I know we always will.

Inspire us, dreamer,
and whatever you do, 
know that you 
are loved.